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Egon Soda - Egon Soda

variété internationale - 29/01/2013

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  1. 1.  Un mundo de zurdos
  2. 2.  Vals de pequeña mecánica
  3. 3.  Escuela libre de enseñanza
  4. 4.  Cosas que no son como deberían ser
  5. 5.  Nueva Internacional
  6. 6.  Giuletta 2000
  7. 7.  Papel Pintado
  8. 8.  The Normal Humor
  9. 9.  Lorem Ipsum
  10. 10.  Ellejanooeste
  11. 11.  Los hombres topo quieren tus ojos
  12. 12.  Suite #7
    • 13.  Corominacuos y oropéndolas
    • 14.  Nocturno del sarmiento
    • 15.  20
    • 16.  Cartílago y ángel
    • 17.  El cristo de la síndone de Miñarro
    • 18.  Volverás a región
    • 19.  Sparring Partner
    • 20.  Siempre hay alguien en el bosque
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Ricky Falkner, singer, bassist and percussionist at Egon Soda, has been awarded a few times as Best Producer for its production tasks with Spanish bands such as, Love of Lesbian, Sidonie, Lori Meyers, Standstill, Zahara, Beth, Iván Ferreiro and many many more.

Xavier Molero “Mole”, drummer and percussionist at Egon Soda, is a very well-known and recognized drummer who has played both in studio and on the stage with several of the best known Spanish acts in the alternative music scene like: Christina Rossenvinge, Iván Ferreiro and Roger Mas and so does guitar player, Pablo Garrido who has accompanied The New Raemon, Zahara and a few others; all these demands and duties with other artists did not permit Egon Soda to have the time and focus on its own project but makes the band very prestigious among artists and musicians and the fans who follow and support the bands where they all have been involved or still are. Also has to be highlighted Charlie Bautista´s tasks on keyboards, harmonium and flute during the album recordings, also an amazing and talented musician well known for his job with artists such as Russian Red, Christina Rossenvinge and Jero Romero. 2013 is the year to put all the efforts on its own and beloved project, its band, EGON SODA with the new record release next January 29th “El Hambre, el enfado y la respuesta” (The hunger, the anger and the response). A pure classic pop rock record with a relevant influence by Americana with a Spanish taste on the melodies and guitars; all leaded, composed and written by Ferran Pontón, a great writer and strongly influenced by lyric and literature who has held the project and the band, bringing issues that the title of the record so well defines and so related to the present difficult social, financial and ethical times.
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